This page introduces forms used to clean data collected and stored in data set.


    You have to have special license feature Custom Data Cleaning Module enabled to be able to create and use forms for data cleaning.

    You can create and publish generic forms for Data Collection in BellaDati. Please see Data Collection Module for more details.

    browsing collected data

    You can browse data from data set by buttons Next, Previous and Jump to first record located above the form.


    Navigate to Settings in left Actions menu. Popup window will appear where you can setup validation for each input field from form. Input field can contain only values that are stored in another data set (e.g. list of countries). Each field available for validation is identified by attribute label, and validation feature expects Validation DataSet ID (ID of source data set where valid values are stored) and Validation Column Code (code of source attribute). Click on the Save button for apply new validation settings.


    You can invoke validation of displayed data by button Validate located below the form. Invalid values will be highlighted by red color and list of all validation errors will be displayed above the form.


    You can correct invalid data by Set button located next to appropriate field. Popup window will appear where you can filter and search items with correct values. To select item please click on the data set icon in the first column. All item properties that match validation settings will be propagated automatically to cleaning form and cleaned data will be automatically saved.

    Next Steps