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BellaDati Dongle App - Configuration

  1. Download application (.apk file)

  2. Install Android App
  3. Turn on Bluetooth
  4. Pair Android Device with dongle (Bluetooth settings)
  5. Open Android App
  6. Select paired dongle
  7. Start moving with dongle (make sure that GPS on your Android device is turned on)

Calling emergency

In case dongle sends a crash status 4, mobile app will automatically call emergency – phone will automatically start to dial (emergency number is currently set to 702 023 558, number can be parametrized based on customer requirements).

Enable calling emergency

Android 6.0 or higher

  1. Go to settings of BellaDati Dongle App
  2. Select option permissions
  3. Enable Phone (also enable Location):


Android versions lower than 6.0

User confirms usage of required features during installation of application.


Operational Dashboard

New dongle will be automatically added to the operational dashboard:

Real time values from dongle are displayed in section receiver04, drive summary is displayed in section receiver05:

Drive summary is sent after drive ends (after dongle is unpaired from mobile device).


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