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If you require access to BellaDati Partner Portal, contact us at mailto:

Partner portal can be accessed at: and is divided into following sections:

  • Product informations:

In this section, there can be found comparison tables, which compare BellaDati with another BI Tools, BellaDati leaflets and another marketing materials.


  • BellaDati use cases:

In this section, there can be found use cases, success stories and presentations for different industries (automotive included).

image (1).png

  • Demo BellaApps

In this section, there can be found Demo BellaApps which are focused on different areas and industries. At the top of the page, there are displayed credentials which will allow you to access these Demo BellaApps (Reports & Dashboards) inBellaDati cloud.

image (2).png

If you scroll down, list of BellaApps will be displayed. BellaApp detail will be displayed after you click on name of the BellaApp. Detail of each BellaApp contains: description, relevant use cases and slide decks, BellaApp download (.bdt file) - this allows you to import BellaApp to your own environment. Steps how to upload BellaApp are described in BellaDati documentation.

image (3).png