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The Configuration page is used to display and manage the basic configuration of the BellaDati module. It is divided into 3 sections: Configuration, Status, BellaDati connection.

This module is used only for the Sender automated action - Send data to BellaDati in Bulks. This module should used when multiple senders are configured to send data to BellaDati data set or a huge amount of data should be sent. This module will collect data from sender modules and publish it to BellaDati in frequent batches. This function is useful to balance the load of sender modules and BellaDati REST.



Basic configuration is used to display and change the metadata of the module - the name and the description.


In the common configuration, users can see the type of the module, its ID, host and port where the module is running.


Administrators can edit the license key directly from the IoT Console.

Security settings

Additionally, administrators can change the security settings:

  • Enable or disable authentication
  • Enable or disable SSL/TLS
  • Enable or disable merging of users on startup

This functionality is available to domain administrator and IoT administrator in single-domain environment, and to domain administrator who is also global administrator in multi-domain environment.

After enabling SSL/TLS via the IoT Console, it is necessary to create a new keystore, or modify the default keystore.js, and add the certificate. This has to be done to all modules where the SSL/TLS is enabled. You can learn more about adding SSL/TLS here.

Please note that you might need to change the URL in Configuration after enabling/disabling SSL/TLS (from HTTP to HTTPS and vice versa).


The Status box displays the status of the audit.

The button Reload is used to reload the audit after changes. The button Pause is used to temporarily suspend the audit. 

The date and time of the last update can be found at the bottom of this box.

BellaDati connection

This box is for setting how data will be send to BellaDati via the REST API. To be able to use this module, the connection parameters have to be specified.

Parameter Description
URL BellaDati URL
Use SSL Enables SSL
Consumer Key Consumer Key defined in the domain. OAuth has to be enabled in the domain. Learn more.
Consumer Secret defined in the domain. OAuth has to be enabled in the domain. Learn more.
Username Username of BellaDati user
Password Password of BellaDati user
Continue on error

This toggle influences the behavior of the sender in a situation when the sending of the data fails.

When disabled, unprocessed data are not deleted from the receiver and the action is triggered on the same data again.

When enabled, the data are deleted from the receiver and the action is not triggered until new data arrive.

Please note that this option is applied both when the action fails during the sending of the data and when it cannot connect to the target (e.g. because of wrong username).

Period Delay (in seconds) after which the timer will fire new send event.
Bulk size The maximum amount of records which will be loaded from the receiver in batch.


The administrator can see the list of existing users of the IoT Data Controller and their roles (admin, editor, viewer).


Log allows the user to monitor the status of selected module. Each action is stored in the log file which can be then displayed in the IoT Console. By default, only the last 100 rows is displayed. To see older logs, users have to download the whole log file.

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