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This installation guide covers installation and update procedures for BellaDati Iot Data Collector.

Getting BellaDati IoT Data Collector

  1. Check the BellaDati Download Page for information about the current version and for downloading instructions.
  2. This Installation Guide applies if you are installing BellaDati IoT Data Collector for the first time or if you are updating IoT Data Collector

Types of installation

There are two types of installation:

  1. Automated installalation from installer - suitable for single server installations. You can use Windows or Linux Installers to installs and configures all necessary components.
  2. Installing manually - suitable for multi server distributed installation, or when expanding your current deployment. Manual installation consists of preparing configuration files and running JAR distribution.

Next Steps

The pages listed below contain information on installing and updating BellaDati IoT Data Collector or one of its components:

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