You need to be in view mode in order to add comments and attachments.

    Select Comments and Attachments from the report toolbox list in the upper right corner to open Attachments panel.

    Attachments dialog allows you to add:

    • Attachments: Click on Add attachment to open Attachments section.
      • Click Browse to select desired file (double click needed if you are using Internet Explorer 8).
      • Click Add attachment to save the attachment.
    • Comments: Type your Comment into text area and submit it.

    Maximam attachment size is 20MB.

    Adding Comments in Table Cells

    Hover over desired table cell and select comment to attach comment to the data.


    Red triangle marks cells with attached comments. Hover over the cell to see the bubble with the comment.

    Adding Comments in Charts

    Hover and click on desired values in the chart. The value settings popup will be opened. Type comments and hit Add.

    Comments will be recorded:

    1. on the right chat sidebar
    2. on the particular value. Hover over it to see all related comments.


    Next Steps