BellaDati allows to add any HTML content to the report, by using the HTML mode of the custom content. To add a live video stream (or any video in general) to a report, please follow these steps:

    1. Add a new Custom content view to the report and switch to HTML mode by clicking on "Show source"
    2.  Insert the code of the live video stream. This can be an Iframe, HTML 5 <video> tag, or a custom JS + HTML component. In that case, you also need to add the JavaScript code. In this example, we will embed a live video from YouTube:
    3.  Copy the HTML code and paste it to the custom content. After saving, the livde vide stream will be displayed in the report.




    Please note that the technology used to create the video stream is completely indepdent from BellaDati. BellaDati will only consume the existing video stream.



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