User groups serve for easier and more transparent sharing data sets, Reports, and Dashboards within the domain.

The main advantage of using user groups is the simplification of controlling the user access to underlying BellaDati objects (reports, dashboards, data sets, and data).

Click User groups in the main menu Users. The list of all groups in the current domain will be displayed.
You can sort the list by group name and description.

User role User manager with editing permissions are able to create new user groups

The following actions are available:

  • Add or remove group users (members): Click on the group name. The popup appears. Use autocomplete for adding the new users.
  • Edit group name and description
  • Create a new group: Enter the group name and optional description and click "Save".
  • Set roles: report editor, data manager
  • Delete user group: You must confirm the delete in the popup.

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