BellaDati Apps are available since version.


    BellaDati App is a package of selected dashboards and reports with related data in single .bdt file created from existing domain.

    BellaDati App can be created by:

    • BellaDati Data Analysts team. If you request your industry related BellaApp, contact our data analytics team at support@belladati.com.
    • BellaDati Administrator. BellaDati App can be exported for back-up or sharing purposes.
    • 3rd party developer. Developers can create and publish their own analyses developed in BellaDati.

    BellaDati Official Apps

    Official BellaDati Apps has following advantages for BellaDati users:

    • Include Best Practices in KPI design.
    • Suggest common analysis and views.
    • Contains scripts and formulas related to KPIs and analyses.
    • Include general data model.
    • Suggest Best Practices for report design.
    • Speed up deployment of new solution.

    Working with Apps

    BellaDati allows following operations related to Apps:

    • Creating App
    • Importing App



    App operations can be accessed from the Main Menu after hovering over icon of a rocket.

    Continue with Creating App for detail guide how to export BellaDati App.
    Continue with Uploading App for detial guide how to import BellaDati App.

    Next Steps