Released in October 2011.

    In this new version we prepared several improvments and new functions based on customer requests and proposals. BellaDati 2.5.1 comes with new BellaApps connector engine allowing BellDati to connect to SaaS systems like SalesForce, Amiando or SugarCRM. In the upcomming versions BellaApps will be extended by more connectors support (Facabook, LinkedIn, Intuit) and also with custom user-made BellaApps.

    Other functions and improvments

    Data sets, data import

    • Transformation script - datetimePart() function
    • Import - data overwriting policy
    • Import - automatic setting of time format
    • Import - set "first row is header" as default
    • Import - date/time format help box
    • XML backup/restore - combined chart support
    • XML backup/restore - dataset filter support

    Reports and dashboards

    • HTML5 charts tooltip
    • Report, chart & table - disable indicator time aggregation selection when no date/time is used
    • Charts - show percantage as double with 2 fraction digits
    • Export - show values in pie charts export
    • Dashboard - enable public sharing via URL in On-Premise


    • Workspace, template copy - add option for sharing reports and datasets for all users within the domain
    • Sample data dashlet

    • Amiando and SalesForce connectors
    • Integrate emulated CSS3 support for IE
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