Released in December 2011.

    The most important parts of release notes:

    Ad-hoc Charts

    Analysts and managers may appreciate charts that can be displayed directly from within the table drill down members to quickly analyze indicator progress in time or by its components in graphical form. In addition selection of more time intervals or displaying sum is possible.

    See documentation for detailed description of this function.

    Improved Data Sources Management

    We know connection to data in existing applications is important for our customers. Therefore BellaDati 2.5.2 brings in more transparent data sources selection and connection wizards. Data manager can easily select from existing and already configured data sources.
    Alongside importing data from SalesForce or FaceBook is now simplier than ever before due to improved authentication.


    Now, you don't have to think about what the displayed drill-down members are concerning anymore. You will see attribute name immediately after pointing the drill down member.

    Extended Time Functions

    BellaDati now supports new time functions within indicator formulas and combinations to calculate with date and time together are also featured. These time functions can be used in reports, data sets and transformation scripts during data import.

    Ad-hoc Variables in Reports

    Variables on report level has been extended to accept ad-hoc values entered by report viewer. These ad-hoc values overwrite values defined by analyst (report creator). Variable list can be permanently displayed in the report header when necessary.

    BellaDati Piccolo

    BellaDati v2.5.2 brings in interface for our native Mobile Business Intelligence module for Apple iPad - see our web for more information.

    Internet Explorer 9 Support and HTML 5

    BellaDati fully supports Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 browser now with charts based on HTML 5 technology. Internet Explorer 8 with Flash remains supported also especially for corporate users with longer software upgrade cycles, however we generally recommend to install modern web browsers to enjoy HTML 5 features and improved performance. Therefore browser's HTML 5 auto detection has been enabled to BellaDati Cloud users.

    Multiple Import Nodes

    BellaDati Cloud has been upgraded and now runs multiple independent import nodes. This improves performance during data import and also ensures application stability while hundreds of users are working with BellaDati simultaneously. Moreover this configuration with multiple import nodes can be set up in BellaDati On-Premise for demanding customers too.

    List of other new features, improvements and tasks that have been implemented in BellaDati 2.5.2:

    Data sets, data import, connectors

    • Import, google spreadsheet - enable to select another spreadsheet while editing import settings
    • Import, google analytics - enable to select another account while editing import settings
    • Import - allow to exclude first N rows from import
    • Import settings, transformation script - add link to developer documentation
    • Import - automatically set last import setting when importing new file
    • Facebook connector - enable setting of time interval for data loading
    • Data set - Add attribute translation setting (in addition language selection has been simplified generally using flags)

    Reports and Dashboards

    • Report variables - add support for propagation into date custom interval
    • Report, table - add possibility to transform null values
    • Report - add support for availableFrom and availableTo to time definition
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