Released in April 2012.

    The most important parts of release notes for this major version:

    Funnel and Thermometer charts

    Marketing department can use funnel charts to analyze eg. FaceBook data. Managers benefit from thermometer charts on their dashboards now.

    Join performance optimizations

    Performance of reports created on joined data sets have been improved significantly due to their materialization.

    Moreover, the following improvements has been implemented regarding joins:

    • Two data sets with same indicator and/or atrribute name can be joined together now
    • Joined data preview
    • Join build up monitoring for administrators

    Smoother design, simplified dialogs

    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 & 9 compatibility improvements (dashlet editing, cropped text etc.)
    • Improved login screen design
    • CSS3 buttons

    List of other new features, improvements and tasks that have been implemented in BellaDati 2.6:

    Reports and Dashboards

    • Report, variables - URL parameters passing
    • Report - add global user session filter support
    • Report, variables - hold the order of variables defined by creation
    • Report, variables - add description field
    • Report, Bar chart - allow axis switching (eg. comparing values for each member in time separately)
    • Report, chart - enable clicking on drilldown, filter and time interval to perform quick settings change
    • Report, formula - add support for getting the signed user name, surname and username
    • Schedulable report export distribution
    • Report, chart - Allow to set member display limit
    • Report, table - Add translation support to drill-down member tooltips
    • Report, table - Sort attributes for ad-hoc drill-down aplhabetically
    • Report - improve date/time and drill down settings dialogs
    • Report - Automatically refresh whole report when drill-down member appearance changed
    • Long indicator and drill down names are displayed better
    • Improved dashboard loading time
    • Improve values loading when multiple classifiers

    Data sets, data import, connectors

    • Import - Assign columns to existing items by name primarily and improved attribute and indicator recognizing in templates
    • Import, URL - avoid timeouting long requests (30mins supported now)
    • Import settings - show evaluated date/time value in column preview
    • Import, XML - improved XML definition settings and HTML processing allowed
    • Data sources - SAP DB connector
    • Data set - Display attribute code in attributes list
    • Dat set, domain - Change language selection for indicator translation and domain language to new component with flags
    • Data source, URL - Cannot change settings of existing datasource


    • Login name is now case insensitive
    • New documentation launched (General overview, Data sets and Data sources chapters), PDF and HTML documentation download available
    • Read locks needed to be acquired while analyzing table
    • Asynchronous data set delete

    Selected bug fixes

    • Report, table - save diskette doesn't appear correctly and removes date interval settings
    • Report, export - Ad-hoc report variables values are not propagated to exports
    • Report - Error occures while evaluating conditional formating
    • Report - Creating new chart with date specified by report variable causes error message
    • Dashboard - searching reports doesn't work correctly
    • Import settings - changing time column format causes disappearing whole content
    • Import - Excel list selection is not functioning on second and following import
    • Data set - changing attribute to indicator fails if member contains "-"
    • Data source, Amiando - Corrected data source summary
    • Data sources - YouTube connector doesn't work
    • Alarm, help language - Language in Alarm setting si displayed wrong
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