Release notes BellaDati


    • Report, chart - Make manual axis range end mandatory
    • Thumbnails of some reports are not generated on iPhone/iPad
    • Report - Embedding table with conditional formating in iFrame and iGoogle displays AJAX errors
    • Bar charts - bad colors for time items when members on x-axis
    • Embeded views created with https url even if secured-mode on false in
    • Mercato - Update of table drill-down leads to error messages (menu update cannot be done)
    • Report - missing thermometer and funnel chart translation
    • Minor UI bugs
    • Import, XML- repeating tag names and CDATA tags are not supported
    • XML backup - fix popup forms UI bugs
    • Data set - cannot delete data set
    • Data Set - Cannot download data or structure backup if name of dataset contains , (comma)
    • Core - cleanup service drops materialized views
    • XAxis labels aren't visible at some chart sizes


    • Members loadings refactoring
    • Core - improve caching
    • XML import - xpath support in custom attributes

    New Feature

    • XML import - enable previous definitions reusing


    • OnPremise - remove Piccolo link
    • No labels