Release notes BellaDati

    New Features

    • REST - add support for png response type for view loading
    • Allow admin to delete report


    • Table tiles improvements
    • OAuth service - improve process to meet the oauth specification, support domain specific consumers


    • Make hiding of client-side console production-mode dependent
    • On-Premise - Add time interval parameter to suspend join materialization
    • Basic support for korean language
    • Data source - Add CS description
    • Graphically distinguish non-production mode

    Bug fixes

    • Report, table - Long vertical drill-downs are sometimes badly indented
    • Can't connect to remote import nodes
    • XML backup - Data set detail is not stored
    • XML backup - NPE occurs
    • Cleanup service drops materialized tables
    • Data source - Data import is not executed
    • Piccolo - Views with filters are not displayed due to JSON errors
    • Data set, data source - Scheduled future imports are sometimes displayed green
    • User requests don't work
    • Data set - Import fails when the data set is part of join (import nodes active)
    • Report - Display "Bad view configuration" instead of endless loader and AJAX errors
    • Report, table - Focus on the left column remains when popup window opens
    • Report, table - Cannot set group aggregation for formula indicators, AVG aggregation displays error message
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