Release notes BellaDati 2.6.2

    Release date: July 23, 2012


    Read also the release article.

    New features

    • Facebook signup and login
    • Twitter signup and login
    • Report, formula - Allow to refer to indicators from another data set
    • Scripting syntax highlighter


    • Filters - unify the equals and contains operations
    • Improve thumbnail generating exception handling
    • Report, formula - make indicators case insensitive
    • Report, Indicators - add missing "back" buttons to appearance and basic settings
    • Autocomplete - Make autocomplete more general
    • Report, iFrame - Display better message when user tries to access removed iFrame link
    • Administration - Add option to unlock user account for domain admin
    • Add Select component to Custom member definition form
    • REST API - support for filtering and datetime modifications
    • Improve popup layout to handle multiple forms with footer
    • Report, custom members - Change description of values
    • BellaDati Piccolo promo page on first visit of login
    • Report - replace the view export icon with more illustrative one
    • Report - Sort list by last change descending by default
    • Remove loading of anonymous google maps script in header
    • Report, variables - solve problem with duplicate entries error
    • Color select autosubmit
    • Improve accessibility of more complex popup layouts

    Bug fixes

    • Data set sharing - Data filter in Users and User Groups remains the same
    • Search results sorting doesn't work for some combinations
    • Report,Description - Too long description causes too long description window
    • Conditional formatting - Wrong warning message language
    • Report, Chart - Sum value is shown on pie chart
    • XML backup: Autocomplete to substitute old user during import does not work
    • Data source - if there are many google spreadsheets, dialog window is not complete
    • Data source - Scheduled import details are not shown
    • Data set - Daily scheduled synchronizations are not displayed last day in month
    • Add scrolling for custom members popup form
    • User profile - Login count chart has improper number format
    • Google auth popup is displayed too small or not at all
    • Dashboard, custom content - Popup for hypperlink shows behind custom content dashlet
    • Dashboards search doesn't work properly
    • Report, Table - Time displayed in a single column doesnt shows time heading
    • Data set - Excel file with name containing spaces is downloaded only with the first word and without extension
    • Data set, import - Display detailed error message when bad import settings
    • Data set, attribute - Translation popup shows behind the window
    • Data set, data browse - After deleting selected data filter should automatically reset
    • Core - wrong system names normalization (special characters)
    • Report, formula - time context is propagated to other "non-formula" indicators
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