Release notes BellaDati

    Release date: September 28, 2012

    New Features

    • Formula indicators - Add function to get context filter settings


    • Report, variables - Make overview float if displayed
    • Core - materialization improvements
    • Iframe embedding - auto detection of element's height by iframe size
    • Tables - Refactor height and width calculation
    • Filters - do not offer hidden indicators and attributes
    • Report - Disable autorefresh, if there is no change

    Bug fixes

    • Report, table - Vertical lines are sometimes not visible in horizontal header
    • Add scrollbars to right column in comments mode
    • Bad align of controls in user profile form
    • Report - Bad align of create view buttons in korean localization
    • iFrame - table is not rendered, chart height parameter isn't working
    • Joined data set - can't perform joining when no indicators are in primary data set
    • Formula indicator - Cross referencing to other data set without specifying level returns no value
    • Report, formula - eachMember() function doesn't ignores the current member context
    • Indicator filter() function returns no value when filtering by attribute
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