Release notes BellaDati 2.7.1

    Release date: October 12, 2012


    New Features

    • Maps support
    • Fully configurable GEO point and shape mappers
    • Drag&drop dashboard layout
    • Scatter chart support
    • Report layout - horizontal resizing support
    • New locales support - ES, PT, NL


    • Report - Allow to reset views height during layout change
    • Cache translated names
    • Maps - Include predefined regions and points
    • Dashboard - Enlarge the width for dashlet header
    • Add Google Play icon to BellaDati login page
    • Report - Improve comments and attachments GUI

    Bug fixes

    • Data set - Creating import preview for Excel file is very slow
    • Core - estimated rows count doesn't work correctly in PostgreSQL 9.2
    • Scrolling wide tables horizontally causes the loosing scroll bar focus during data load
    • Report - Deleting view in the report in one browser tab and saving layout in another tab results in endless loader
    • Report layout - Views placement to layout cells are swapped
    • Report - wrong layout when using sample data reports
    • Report, filter variable - hidden attributes are shown
    • Thermometer chart is displayed wrong
    • Import, transformation scripting - Previously used script is shown only after clicking into the field
    • JavaScript problem on add dashlet form
    • Popup calendar works wrong - months are shifted
    • Data set - More filters in data browser are slightly overwritten
    • Filters - Attribute names are not sorted alphabetically
    • Report, table - Using predefined drill-down path locks popup
    • Report, chart - Indicator line style is not reflected when color manually set (filled area)
    • Data set - Disable join overview page refresh after data rebuild when popup active
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