Release notes BellaDati

    Release date: September 30, 2014

    New Features

    • Report, charts - support indicator groups


    • Include report / data set name in emails

    • Chinese translation update

    • GEO mappers - add indexes for entries

    • Report - minor filter UI improvement

    • Installer - upgrade bundled JRE to

    Bug fixes

    • DateSet - attribute - filter permissions - cannot set dataset in some cases

    • Import progress bar keeps loading for small imports

    • Geo point definition for US states contains spelling and other errors

    • Users list - Domain choicer doesn't work

    • Cannot add view to dashboard - this view already exists in the dashboard

    • GEO mappers - points import example doesn't correspond to implementation

    • Report - Context Date Drill Down by Days show 0 for indicators

    • GEO mappers - cannot delete single points/shapes entry

    • Administration - domain admin cannot access all data sources list 

    • Administration - superadmin doesn't have access to media library and GEO mappers

    • Report - embedded view page doesn't contain title and has old icon

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