Release notes BellaDati

    Release date: October 10, 2014

    New Features

    • Report - add support for filter on group indicator

    • REST API - add domain/user provisioning endpoints


    • Data Set - attribute permission setting - use choicer for mapping data set

    • Chinese localization improvement

    • Formula - add support for Partial parameter in date(), time() and datetime()

    • REST API - set 30 seconds validity to LOGIN_UNATTENDED user requests

    • User requests - send plain text responses for LOGIN_UNATTENDED requests

    Bug fixes

    • Installer doesn't work on Mac

    • Can not upload BellaApp in some cases

    • Import - if geo column contains invalid value whole import is aborted

    • MapView - NPE when second drilldown attribute is selected

    • BellaApps, GEO Points - GEO Points not imported

    • Unable to export BellaApp in some cases

    • Report - empty space, row content is not displayed

    • Data Set - data set with no viewable rows after filtering causes error

    • Import settings - cannot get value of date/time column by value('L_DATE')

    • Gantt chart keeps loading and blocks the application

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