Release notes BellaDati

    Release date: October 15, 2014

    New Features

    • Report - add support for changing the date/time attribute in date/time context

    • Report - add function for getting current indicator value when creating condition formula
    • REST API - new service to get userID from username
    • REST API - domain_id is included in user JSON object


    • Attribute Filter - Domain admin is not impacted by the filter settings

    • GEO mappers - updated alternate name values for US States
    • Report - improved placing of elements on calculated indicator window
    • Import settings - unmapped columns are indicated
    • Import templates - indicate which columns have transformation script applied to them
    • Report - Tables - allow to optionally display total row even there is one drill down only
    • REST API - unified timeZone, locale and language in all endpoints

    Bug fixes

    • Android App - Dashboards of some users throws Server request failed

    • PNG export - missing conditional formatting symbols

    • Backup/Restore - Formula ID is not copied
    • Unable to mouse over import details overflow box in IE8 on W7
    • User locale settings is not effective when logging-in in a new browser
    • Report - Gantt chart does not show any data
    • Charts - Gantt chart does not display a task which starts in one month and ends in another one
    • Report - chart is not loaded with NaN or Infinite values
    • Report - row content is not displayed
    • Report - adding attribute after date/time causes table render to fail
    • Report - adding aggregation to group indicators causes displaying of bad values
    • Table condition window - bad alignment of the fields
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