Release notes BellaDati

    Release date: April 1, 2015

    New features


    • Chinese translation improvements

    • Report, table - attribute value color settings should be propagated to data rows

    • User - user profile page - display read-only username

    • Report Export Schedule - Able to edit scheduled email subject, recipients, email body

    • Report - Quarterly email scheduling with note to schedule on first day of the quarter

    • Report - Monthly email scheduling could have day selection from 1 to 31 and last day

    • Report, table, embedded - improve generating action links for attribute values

    • Report - Indicators drag & drop

    • Scheduled email messages should contain configurable application name

    • Report - Email Scheduling - Able to sort report display order when scheduling multiple reports

    • Report - filter - improve behaviour of "Show all values" option

    • Report - On Chart Click Pop up Window will be closed by clicking empty area inside the chart

    • CSV import model - use objects instead of primitives

    • Data Set - Export data as xls

    • Report, Chart - Conditional formatting UX improvements

    • Report - Date Variable - Able to have relative date for "Day" unit

    • Report email export schedule available on administrative page

    • Report - New control type - No controls

    Bug fixes

    • Drill Down column total is not shown as custom name

    • Dates are not translated into Chinese on Mobile
    • Report - time aggregation is not displayed correctly for option by Hours
    • Report - Line chart values shown does not match do
    • Twitter connection - authentication doesn't work
    • Report, charts - some settings are not stored in BellaApp
    • REST API - Report filter does not work for date and time

    • Report, Table - Creating formula indicator fails into grey screen
    • Report - View is not displayed when two drill-downs and total on y-axis is used

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