Release notes BellaDati

    Release date: December 6, 2014

    New Features

    • BellaDati license able to limit no. of domain admins

    • Report - allow to define viewer operations display level


    • Report, Source data - show all data set indicators when displaying source data for calculated indicators

    • Pop up confirmation box "Yes", "No", "Save", "Cancel" are translated into Chinese

    • Report - Chart appearance settings pop up size improvements

    • Chinese Full Localization

    • Data Set - Database connections library should be available to all domain admins

    • SQL Query Page - Add smart search box for table columns

    • SQL Query Page - Fix column double selection list to have 10 rows and add vertical scrolling bar

    • Report - Table - Allow managing indicators directly in the table

    • Report - Table - Allow managing drill-down from within the table

    Bug fixes

    • Import methods - replace / delete by attributes match deletes all data

    • Domain backup/restore/template - dashboard and report indicator translations are not copied

    • Data Sets - Database connections library - Data sources link not working

    • Welcome popup is not showing content after first login

    • BellaApp - Naming should be empty space not "+"

    • Report - Bullet Chart - Indicator less than 1 are not displayed properly

    • Report - Chart - Export chart with conditional formatting added via conditional formatting Line should display in front of bars
    • Admin - Wrong license upgrade information for Report editors limit
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