Release notes BellaDati

    Release date: December 29, 2014

    New features

    • Data set - custom attribute members available in data set attributes

    • Report - Filter view type


    • Domain - enable/disable custom css

    • Report, Table - Create reset icon which will allow reset of the custom drill-down

    • Report, Date Variable - Display Month drop down list as 3 letter text

    • Report - Replace old table member icons

    • Data Set - Overwriting Policy - Add possibility to distinguish delete/replace from whole data set or data from current data source

    • Media Gallery - support uploading .svg images

    • Media Gallery - UI improvements

    • SQL Query Page - Add smart search box for table columns

    • List of reports - double mouseover windows are removed

    Bug fixes

    • Data Set - columns in list of indicators are wrongly aligned

    • Data set - restricted indicator/attribute is accessible to report editor

    • Data Set - Browse Data Issues fixed

    • Report - clicking on predefined drill-down in chart does not work

    • Report - Variables and filters close icon will disappear when domain header is set to be not shown

    • Report - relative date interval - last month is not displayed if filter is applied

    • Report - Background image of view is not stored in Bella App

    • Report, Combined Chart - member color is not applied in stacked bar chart

    • User Management - Unable to create/edit name and surname with one character

    • Facebook connector - bad link to documentation

    • Domain admin cannot create Bella Apps with other users' reports

    • Welcome popup is not showing content after first login

    • Bella App table issues

    • Charts - Clicking Members appearance when no drill-down is set results in "missing key" window

    • Attachments sidebar causes report to render x-axis values in wrong positions

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