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Release notes BellaDati

Release date: January 12, 2015

New features


  • Report - don't show attributes/indicators when user has no access to them

  • Report - Control types - Minimal & Limited controls - it is not possible to add custom drill-down to the table

  • Projector connector - field Additional Parameters should be optional

  • Data import - Avoid scheduling same data source executions on init

  • Report - Schedule email - improve text of validation error

  • Administration, ActiveDirectory - allow to configure whether create not existing users or not
  • Add missing translations into Chinese localization

Bug fixes

  • Report, Export - scheduled email - report which contains czech symbols is not sent

  • Report - sharing - limited controls don't work properly - user is not able to add indicators to charts and KPI

  • Report, KPI conditional formatting - prev/next conditions do not count correctly

  • Report - Filter View - Click "Save" icon will refresh page to top

  • Report - Table - Minimal width of left header has to take icons into account

  • Report - Filter panel has no scroll bar

  • Report - Scatter chart - bad format of 2nd indicator on hover

  • Report - Scatter chart - If there are 2 indicators used in the chart Y-axis is not in correct format

  • Data Set - padding of user name in "more..." pop up windows is too big

  • Data Set - Overwriting policy name displayed wrongly at import details window

  • Data set - ETL column name is not stored

  • XML/A connector - cannot execute MDX query on cube from different catalog

  • Sharing console - Users - public data sets from all the domains are displayed for each user

  • Sharing console - Data sets - it is not possible to change the global permissions

  • Sharing console - dashboard and user edit page unable to edit user/user group

  • Table element inline edit doesn't work for multiple tables

  • REST API - make domain handling methods NPE resistant

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