Release notes BellaDati

    Release date: January 23, 2015

    New features


    • Report - Scatter chart - Value will be displayed when bubble size is set by indicator

    • Report - Filter view - Graphics improvements

    • Dashboard - Use hard-link to switch dashboards

    • Administration, Email server configuration page - allow edit SMTP connection parameters

    • Administration - Show active status in users list

    • Chinese localisation improvements

    • Czech and Slovak localisation improvements

    • Google Drive Connector - Select Google sheet to import - allow ordering by column Last updated

    • Data set - Drill-down path page - Add horizontal scrolling bar to long drill down path
    • Core - improved locking mechanism for materialized views and change triggers

    Bug fixes

    • Report, Table - Formulas firstValue & lastValue ignores current drill-down value

    • Report - Table/Chart - null_date, null_time displayed instead of empty field

    • Report - bar chart - if one indicator is filtered, values are displayed in wrong drill down

    • Report - Filter view - resetting of the filter breaks filter panel

    • Report - publish dashboard - wrong validation error

    • Dashboard - Uploading Chinese name attachment will show garbled name

    • Scatter chart - member color is not changed by the member appearance

    • Twitter data source - bad label in data source settings

    • Charts - First display mode in bar chart displays bars wrongly

    • SQL Query Page - column search should not be case sensitive

    • In-line edit doesn't work on content with header stripe
    • Joined data sets - NPE is thrown when the join point is inconsistent
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