Release notes BellaDati

    Release date: January 30, 2015

    New features

    • Report - Multi structure filter

    • Report - Display report content in scheduled email body directly 

    • User Management - Group delete of users

    • Report FTP and Email export - support data filtering

    • Application settings - support global custom HTML

    • Email templates customization

    • ActiveDirectory - add option to place newly created user to a specified user group

    • Active directory - allow to set default source


    • Charts - animate horizontal charts (bar and bullet) from left to right

    • Users - Add new field "user directory" to users list

    • REST API - improve oAuth error messages

    • Missing translation keys

    • Email sender - set sender and application URL dynamically according to current configuration

    Bug fixes

    • Report - date attribute - Date aggregation translation (czech) is not displayed correctly

    • Report, crossValue formula - incorrect values are displayed if members are filtered via crossValue function

    • Report - Long drill down path exceeds pop up window width

    • Dashboard - Attachment cannot be added in IE8

    • Data Set - Drill down path page - splitting arrows are bit displayed in long drill down path

    • Data Set, Report - inline name editing is broken in IE8

    • Report - Horizontal stack bar chart - stacked negative values are not displayed properly

    • Monitoring - when changing attribute/indicator names, original are re-created

    • Dashboard - links to open indicator and drilldown settings should not be available

    • Initializing scheduled report export throws cast exceptions

    • Export - Schedule email - typo in the message

    • Report - Table settings - Horizontal header - only arrows down are displayed

    • Report - Filter view - variables break "variables and filters" pop-up window

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