Release notes BellaDati

    Release date: February 13, 2015

    New features

    • Report parameters signing 

    • AD Authentication - allow to force to use default domain as auth source

    • Search page - allow to show permissions details


    • Report, table - allow to display empty field instead of null field

    • Dashboard, iFrame - support parameters passing

    • Report - Allow setting filter variables via URL

    • Active directory - show select for default domain if there is at least one domain

    • Report Email Sending with option to attach report as an attachment

    • Data Set - improve check boxes alignment for adding new indicator to data set in joined data set

    • Email server configuration page - improve buttons alignment

    • Data Set - Browse Data - Improve header scrolling

    • SQL connector - add Oracle 12c drivers

    • Report XLS export - apply indicator formatting in excel numbers

    • Upload dialog - change label for selecting another file

    • Report, Dashboard - add global permissions

    • Report - Table - Drill down - set the text-indent dynamically

    • Add missing Czech translations
    • Add missing Chinese translations

    Bug fixes

    • Reports - Stack bar charts - Paired display not working properly

    • Report - icons in tables are not displayed properly in IE8 and IE9

    • Data source, Import settings - cannot save settings when the data set is part of join

    • Chart - add vertical scrollbar to horizontal bullet charts

    • Export to PDF in landscape mode - all the charts are displayed twice

    • Joined Data Set - hide bulk delete of attributes and indicators

    • Report - export of KPIs with symbols does not work

    • Report - domain admin doesn't see filter and export controls

    • Sharing Console - select box for user does not work properly in Firefox.

    • Charts - Gannt chart in IE8 - name and bar are overlapping

    • Gantt chart - only part of the tasks is displayed

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