Release notes BellaDati

    Release date: March 3, 2015

    New features

    • REST API - support for access token session storage and undo/redo for views

    • Allow drag and drop functionality for moving report views

    • Dashboard sharing - allow to set dashboard to be default for usergroup

    • Cluster overview page


    • Report - change icon for deleting attachments

    • Report - Filter - Enable Descending/Ascending and limit for "show all available values"

    • Date set and search page GUI improvements

    • Report, XLS export - should show indentation of drill-down

    • Report - Email body table should display indentation of drill down

    • Report filter - Able to set custom name for "All" to replace current blank or empty representation

    • "API call statistics" and "Import nodes" pages available to domain admin 

    Bug fixes

    • Pie chart (donut chart) - total value is always displayed (when values are displayed as percents)

    • Reports - Stack bar charts - Paired display not working properly

    • Charts - Legend of speedometer with many two-rowed labels is not displayed properly

    • Report - Email scheduling sends email twice in HA mode

    • Import - status "completed with errors" is not show when there are errors

    • Dashboard - plain dashboard alias does not work

    • Data Set - Data Set import with one column error does not show error message for import status

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