Release notes BellaDati

    Release date: March 11, 2015

    New features

    • Administration - make application name configurable and show the name in emails
    • Allow drag and drop functionality for moving dashboard views

    • REST API - support resource signing


    • Domain, oAuth settings - consumer key and secret should not be mandatory

    • Data Source - Add support for Firebird database

    • Report - Increase dragging tolerance to avoid unintended dragging of spaces

    • Data Set - Pop up warning for invalid format column after hitting "Continue" at import settings page

    • FTP Scheduling - Enlarge format box for schedule time format

    • Report - speedometer - hide sorting by another indicator

    • Report, filter - add support for referencing user field in the filter

    • SQL Query Page - add label for selected and not selected columns

    • Improved tabs

    Bug fixes

    • Users, Sharing Console - reports are not displayed

    • Report - email export - table header is not aligned properly in Chrome&Firefox

    • Embedded views, tables - drill-down member's icons are not displayed

    • Wrong Chinese name for Monday

    • Embedded views, tables - conditional formatting symbols are not displayed

    • Report, table - bad indicators are highlighted when group indicators are used

    • Dashboard - empty boxes are blue when moving views

    • Embedded tables don't always work in Firefox

    • Dashboard sharing - User group email notification doesn't work

    • Dashboard, Sharing - some tabs are not displayed (CZ, SK, FR, DE localization)
    • Filter - Report settings are not exported to BellaApp
    • Administration - Domain with report groups cannot be deleted

    • Report - embed view - two scroll-bars are displayed when drill-down is expanded

    • Data Sets - XML backup cannot be made if one of data set has no owner

    • Joined data set - left outer join is corrupted after migration to json model

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