Release notes BellaDati 2.7.12

    Release date: April 21, 2015

    New features

    • Tree folders structure for reports, dashboards and data sets

    • Reports, Date - Add possibility to filter selected day of the week

    • Report - Schedule email - support user groups in the recipients field

    • Chinese (Traditional) complete localization


    • Report, Variables - calendar picker should have an option to set the default value to "today"
    • Grant access to dashboard when URL contains signature
    • Data Set - add tracking of scheduled import cancellations

    • Report - Displayed Indicator Value should always appear in exported document when display element is "Large"

    • Export schedule page - UX improvements

    • Report viewers - No controls - disable option to view source data

    • Google accounts - migrate to OpenID Connect

    • Chart, conditional formatting - add predefined colors

    • Import settings - allow preserving configuration changes when adding new columns to the data set
    • SAP BW Connector - Add possibility to choose if key/text/both will be imported
    • Media Gallery - change thumbnail size on back-end

    Bug fixes

    • Report, Bar chart - when changing the chart appearance, error is displayed

    • Import of the new data file is not reflected in the report

    • Report - Chart - Ignore indicator with null value when determining value label starting value

    • Report viewers - Limited controls - viewer should not be able to access view settings of KPI label

    • Gantt chart - only 100 tasks can be displayed

    • Gantt chart - wrong duration for tasks is displayed when one task has more records in the data set

    • Report, table - attribute value color combination - wrong combination with red

    • Report, Line chart - values shown do not match dot position

    • Report, table - drill-down settings - options are set inconsistently

    • Report, filters - values in filter selection are not translated

    • SAP BW Connector - Column name is not imported

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