Release notes BellaDati

    Release date: April 30, 2015

    New features

    • Report, XLS export - display tables in separate tabs


    • Report, PDF export - fit the table into chosen paper size and orientation
    • Tree folder structure - implement drag and drop for moving content
    • Add logging to signature checking
    • Folders - disable floating frames when moving content

    Bug fixes

    • Data sets - remove sortable behaviour from listed elements

    • Report, Additional filter - changes in higher level should be reflected in lower levels of additional filter

    • Import data file - label "Execute import immediately" is displayed instead of send notification

    • REST - Dashboard shared globally is not listed

    • Report - Allow ordering in Gantt chart

    • Report - default variable value is not displayed when opening the report

    • Line chart, scatter chart - last value of line chart is not shown

    • Report - Relative date variable - When using date parameter without default date value and with default relative date, exclamation mark is displayed

    • Report filter - badly displayed multi select box when there is a lot of members

    • Report, Chart - conditional formatting is not applied with small numbers

    • Reports - Horizontal bar charts - Paired display not working properly

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