Release notes BellaDati

    Release date: June 3, 2015

    Important note for on-premise installations


    PostgreSQL users have to upgrade the JDBC driver to 9.3-1103 or higher.

    New features

    • Administration - Allow global statistics data set for multi-domain installations
    • Report only Backup & Restore


    • Data set - Allow to edit the ETL name

    • Import settings, adding new columns - Use original name of the object if ETL name is not provided

    • Add caching for images streamed by application

    • Use second level caching for report, user, group, workspace and core objects

    • Import settings, Get new columns - Pair existing columns with new by column name if ETL column is empty

    • Log files - Change time pattern

    • Data set, scheduled import - Add "initial" import status

    • Import details - Display "Apply on data from this data source only" flag

    • Report, table - Allow "Don't show for previous aggregation" for date entries

    • Browse page improvements
    • Report - Chart appearance, sort order - Add possibility to set different aggregation then Sum
    • Report viewers - No controls - Allow sorting in charts and tables by indicators and drill-downs

    Bug fixes

    • Scheduled import from SalesForce - Import token is expiring

    • Google connector authorization is granted for limited amount of time

    • Joined data sets - Deadlocks occur when running build

    • XML Backup - Connection settings to SAP BW is not saved correctly

    • Report, table - Chrome, Safari - Switching between fullscreen and normal mode hides half of the last row

    • Report, table - Missing horizontal scroll bar when only drill-downs are used

    • Report, dashboards - Last row of the table is not displayed in some cases

    • Report - Table - Attribute value color settings should be propagated to data rows

    • Dashboard - Email Export with ppt attachment does not work

    • Users - Layout of search is broken on low resolution screens

    • Import - Column type - GEO point - missing reset button

    • Import detail - Tabs are unreasonably wide

    • Report, table - Wrong table headers are highlighted

    • Report - Table - Time Interval - Simple value for time checkbox is not displayed properly

    • Report - Table - Settings for date interval are active even when date interval is disabled

    • Import settings - Screen freezes when resetting particular column or using "proceed with action"

    • Import settings - When import template is applied, name of attribute columns are not added

    • Search indexes - Indexing is not propagated to other servers in HA

    • MacOS installation fails due to database startup failure

    • Report viewers - Limited controls - User cannot order values by indicators (in charts)

    • Report, table - Attribute value color - Combining color when using drill-down and Break-down by date

    • Chart - Horizontal scatter chart - Switch axes - Wrong drill-down is used

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