Release notes BellaDati 2.7.13

    Release date: June 22, 2015

    New features

    • Report, maps - Support for in-map drill-down

    • Report, shape map - Support for customized indicator color grades

    • Report, shape map - Add support for indicator conditional formatting

    • Conditional SQL import - Execute import only if provided SQL query returns true

    • Data set - Add support to set default map provider for attribute

    • Report - Scheduled Export - Add possibility to define sheets of MS Excel file

    • REST - API for favorite views


    • SalesForce connector - Add possibility to update the SOQL query of existing data source

    • Data Set - Browse Data - Edit and Delete icons should be visible when scrolling to the right

    • Data Set - Import - New Date/Time Column - display warning if neither of "Has time values" and "Has date values" is enabled

    • Data Set - Import overview - Add field Duration

    • Administration, User - User roles page should display roles granted by user groups

    • Administration, Domain - Add scrollbar to domain settings pop-up window

    • Folders - Support search in thumbnail mode

    Bug fixes

    • Group folders - Domain admin cannot add reports/dashboards/data sets into folders

    • Report, dasboard layouts - Missing red bars when re-sizing the content on touch displays

    • Import - Importing creates a duplicate template

    • Report - format settings is not reflected in date drill-downs displayed by date

    • Report Export - table with many rows is not exported into xlsx

    • Report - table - wrong indicators are highlighted

    • Data set - Unique name of joined data set is not required

    • Data set - Data source imports overview - when hovering over imports details, they are displayed behind the popup window

    • Administration - Configuration page - add wrapping for long rows

    • Dashboard - User can access indicator details

    • Data Set - Wrong position of "Record already exists" label when renaming data set

    • FTP data source - changed connection settings are not saved

    • Report - Layout of Indicators window is broken in IE11

    • Data set - Create new indicator - Replace empty values not working

    • Report, tables - wrong color formatting of values in some cases

    • Data set - Import data not working after delete identical rows is used

    • Report - Line chart - Regression in the future is not displayed correctly

    • Import - Delete identical rows not working when importing from a file to existing data set

    • Import - Get new columns - new ETL names are not used

    • Report - Fix the position of quick chart pop-up window

    • Slovak localization - Data set - browse data - wrong label for XLSX export

    • Data sets - multiple data sources' labels are above the upper menu

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