Release notes BellaDati

    Release date: June 28, 2015

    New features

    • Report, Date variables - Relative date picker - add support to define own values and labels

    • Report - optional filters  - add support for auto-submit


    • Report, variables - display date variable label on separate row

    • Report, map - allow do the pre-defined drill-down to the users with no-controls

    • Report, map - use negative padding to do better default scaling

    • Report, map - update the message for no matching regions

    • Report - reduce actions visibility for user with no controls and user without permissions

    • Report - Date variable - Relative date picker - add first day of month and year

    • Report - add option to hide all titles and controls

    • Report, map - drill-down on left mouse click when there is a predefined path available

    • Report export, static tables - performance improvements

    Bug fixes

    • Report, map, KPI label - date interval is not displayed for minimal and no controls

    • Data set - join type change results in error

    • Joined Data set - rebuild does not work when domain has size limits

    • Content is not correctly sorted by the date of last change

    • REST API - GET /api/dashboards/username is not setting the default dashboard properly

    • Other users can see reports of different user

    • Dashboards - if the value is filtered via signed URL and parameter doesn't match to any value, all values are displayed

    • Scatter chart - if limit is set on X-axis, only one drill-down member from Y-axis is displayed

    • Chart - Stack bar chart - total value for y-axis is not displayed

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