Release notes BellaDati

    Release date: July 18, 2015

    New features

    • Report - Backup & restore - add possibility to remap the report to different data set

    • Report - GEO Map - Support zooming with scroll wheel


    • Chinese translation improvements

    • Administration - User requests should be always visible and available for domain admins

    • Report - Excel export - width of header should be used when column width is set

    • Data Set - Conditional import settings - change minimum interval import to 3 minutes

    • Report, map - Allow to click on label for drill-down

    • Report - Share report - Layout improvements

    • Data Set, Administration - Text areas should have the same width as input boxes

    • Report Export - Wrap long text in Excel export

    • Report - Filter - Default values - If there is no value selected, default value will be displayed

    • Data sets, joined data set - Use attribute appearance from the source data set

    • Report - Excel export - Use attribute translation

    • Data set - Add support to export attribute translation to CSV

    • Shared report/data set/dashboard - Improve notification message

    • Map drill-down improvements

    • Sharepoint connector - Support import from lists located in different Site Collections

    • SharePoint connector - Support import from CustomList

    • Reports, Data sets - Translation should be used for sorting by name

    • Report - use custom date format in views without time

    Bug fixes

    • Import - XLSX with empty rows is not imported correctly

    • Data set - XML backup is not created when data set contains alerts
    • Sharepoint - User is not able to change connection parameters
    • BellaDati - License page - number of domain admins field always displays unlimited
    • Report, XLSX import - If the first row is empty, import settings page shows no data
    • Search page - Report viewer is able to bulk change reports
    • Choices - Removing of selected values is allowed only if the cursor is in the area already
    • BellaApp containing map is not created
    • Report, Geomap - conditional formatting is not exported into BellaApp
    • Folders - Deleting a folder doesn't move files to the root folder
    • Report, Static table - name of the first column is not visible
    • Report, Static tables - it is not possible to scroll down in static tables in Internet Explorer
    • Report - GEO Map - button for hiding/showing legend has wrong direction
    • Data set - translation of indicator is not stored when backing-up a data set
    • Report, tables - scroll bar in large tables freezes

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