Release notes BellaDati

    Release date: July 28, 2015

    New features

    • Report - Email export - Add possibility to change ordering of views in email body

    • SharePoint - Add support for import from Calendar List and Task List


    • Report, GEO Map - add possibility to use indicator color in text label

    • Report - PDF Export - font of View name and drill-down should not bold

    • Import settings - GEO point column data will be validated

    • Report - optionally allow to apply the indicator ranking for each drill-down

    • Data Set - Custom Member Can Be Added into Subsets

    • Report - Indicator settings - rank reversed direction support

    • Sharepoint connector - apply filter when calling a list via REST

    Bug fixes

    • Data set, XML restore - validation should not check the unique name anymore

    • Administration - opening imports overview page with many imports blocks server

    • Import export from XML - remapping doesn't work in on-premise installations

    • XML import - using custom columns imports empty values

    • Report - Excel export - Columns are too narrow

    • Report - Excel export - Attribute translation is used only in vertical header

    • Report - KPI label symbols are blocking export

    • Indicator groups' translations are not shown in the report

    • Report, table - values are not ordered correctly, when filter is used in the indicator settings

    • Import settings, edit transformation script - values displayed in the preview are not correct in some cases

    • Report, Dashboard - Font in the upper left header is different when a map chart is displayed

    • Joined data set - translations are not propagated

    • Import - Import template - Geo point has no icon

    • Report, PDF Export - When table is split into multiple pages, background is not displayed correctly

    • MacOS installation fails due to database startup failure


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