Release notes BellaDati

    Release date: September 7, 2015

    New features

    • Export - Email - Add possibility to adjust layout of views in email body

    • Report - Excel export - layout of export can be changed
    • Report - Excel export - Allow users to hide selected rows

    • Dashboard - Add support to set default dashboard in domain and user group


    • Report, formula indicator - add "apply" and refresh underlying view

    • Report - divide indicator settings into tabs

    • Report - rename "variables and filters" to "variables" and "comments and attachments" to "attachments"

    • On-premise - Improve setup texts and layout

    • Report export schedule settings - View name with type suffix and 'disabled' feature in select box

    • Report - Variables & Filters - Add the search option for filter display method

    • Report - Excel export - Support setting display format and format in which the data are exported

    • Report, Filter - add support to not display value "All"

    • Report - Speedometer chart - allow user to change width of the scale

    Bug fixes

    • Joined data set, Import settings - checkbox is displayed twice

    • Report variable filters - JSON model is incrementally extended by empty expression

    • Report - Total value is not transformed in some charts

    • Report - Export - When last view is removed all views are added to export

    • Indicator formulas in form 'M_INDICATOR@AVG@AVGT' are not working

    • Report - Pie chart - numeric transformation doesn't work correctly

    • Sharepoint - Cannot import lists with custom lookup fields

    • Dashboard - Dashboard with scheduled export cannot be deleted

    • Report - Export - Export with multiple reports cannot be edited after one of the reports was cancelled

    • Multi-tenant environment - don't allow switching to domain for users which are not related to the domain

    • Charts framework - automatic resize does not work for new pie chart

    • Data set - data collection forms are not working correctly

    • Sharepoint - External lists can't be imported in some cases


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