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Release notes BellaDati

Release date: September 22, 2015

New features

  • On-demand data source synchronization

  • Report - Radial chart - add option to "switch axis"

  • REST API - Allow admin to obtain access token for specified user


  • Report - Filter - add possibility to set default value for additional filters

  • Report - Chart - add possibility to adjust custom step size

  • Data import - progress bar is showing "Loading.." until percentage increases when re-opening the page

  • Import settings page - Layout of top menu needs to improved on smaller screens

  • Export schedule - support sending reports which are not stored in any domain

  • Dashboards - show error when somebody stored the layout before the current user attempts to

  • Data set, Indicators - unify actions items with attributes

  • Report, permissions - can't access report created by domain admin user when the domain admin (report owner) hasn't explicit data set access

  • SalesForce data set - spelling error

  • Usage monitoring data set - use original report name instead of translated report/dashboard name

Bug fixes

  • Data source - when importing in "delete all" mode, data are not accessible until the import finishes

  • BellaApp - default geo mapper is not stored in the BellaApp

  • Report - filtering in table is not working correctly

  • BellaDati - Chinese translations

  • Report - Relative Date variable - Filters panel freezes when default settings is used

  • Report - Filter view - Search mode is not displayed correctly

  • Report - blank elements of date attribute do not display any values

  • Report - hide view on mobile is not stored in backup

  • Data sources overview - change in sorting causes Content is not up to date error message is displayed

  • Report - source data - error caused by the same indicator codes

  • Report - Filter view - Missing "Disable all values" switch

  • Data sets, browse data - grouped indicators blocks displaying Browse data page

  • Report - Table with formula, two drill-down and date drill-down cannot be displayed

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