Release notes BellaDati 2.7.14

    Release date: October 12, 2015

    New features

    • Administration, Report - Color schemes for charts

    • REST API - add endpoint for loading map view
    • Add support for GEO JSON attribute
    • Add support for Long text attribute


    • Chart, Table appearance - hide sort order and aggregation type when no sort indicator is selected

    • Search page layout improvements

    • Import overview - display duration for imports which last less than 1 second

    • Cluster - improve locking for export executions

    • Report, Indicator settings - display reference to data set indicator

    • Report - Numeric transformation - Add transformation for ten thousands and hundred millions

    • Gantt chart - remove display in single chart option

    • Report - Add option to select folder when creating new report

    • Report - Chart - step size for values displayed on x-axis

    • Report - formula results validity (calculations caching)

    • Report - E-mail export - Add option to add recipients as "to" instead sending email separately

    • Report - Add possibility to use relative date variables in report name and view name

    • Report - Add possibility to use variables and filters content in report name

    Bug fixes

    • Dashboard viewed via signed URLs displays error message when drill-down is performed

    • Map chart using point based places definition is not exported in BellaApp

    • Concurrent import into two data sets within same domain with same data tables name fails

    • HTTP data source - oAuth2 button is not shown

    • Filter panel freezes in particular cases

    • Joined data set - data set rebuild typo

    • Upload Data error when uploading previously exported data in *.XLSX

    • Import - cannot import XLSX data exported from BellaDati

    • Data Set - Erase data not working

    • Report - XML backup - Numeric transformation are not store in XML backup

    • Report, Shape Maps - maps containing values in percents are not displayed as heatmap

    • BellaDati - Chinese characters get broken during export in IE8

    • Alerts - values greater than 1 million are not displayed correctly

    • Data Set import - HA environment - Schedule is displayed twice, but executed just once

    • Report - formula indicator editor shouldn't be closed after hitting enter

    • Report - Some color pickers don't fit the screen

    • Report - Table export settings - color picker is broken

    • Dashboard - map view is not rendered correctly in particular cases

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