Release notes BellaDati

    Release date: November 3, 2015

    New features

    • Report - Add support for domain unique and permanent URL aliases

    • Data sources - Send email notifications with import results to admin user

    • Report - Navigation panel

    • Report, Charts - Add possibility to add links to indicators

    • Report, Charts - Add option to set conditional formatting for each indicator if "Display in single chart" is not enabled

    • Report - Charts - Add option to set different scale for each indicator if "Display in single chart" is not enabled

    • Support long text attribute

    • Support datetime attribute


    • Formula cache - Set default cache to 60s

    • Report, comments - Show time created and improve visual

    • Report, indicators - Add more numeric transformation options

    • Import - Use ETL name when loading data row content

    • Report, map - When using point drill-down, use color generator to get different colors for each circle

    • Folders - GUI improvements

    • Report, map - When using point drilldown, use color generator to get different colors for each circle

    • Report - Excel export - Allow metadata settings for table title

    • Active Directory Authentication - AD value full name is used as name in BellaDati

    • Report, Gantt chart - Display new chart for each indicator

    • Scheduled import - Display Apply on data from this data source only option settings

    • Report - Side panel redesign

    • On-demand data source synchronization usage improvements

    • SalesForce Connector - Support SOAP API

    • Report, Filter - Advanced options for additional filter

    • Data Set - Add pagination to list of database connections

    Bug fixes

    • Report, Map - Numeric transformation is not working

    • When HTTP Referer header is used, pages are failing to load

    • Report, regSlope and regrIntercept functions - Parameters are used in opposite way

    • Report, Chart - Drill-down name does not open drill-down settings

    • Administration - Change of application URL in settings is not reflected in oAuth and user related email notifications

    • Administration, Users list - Cannot set domain filter to blank

    • Report, Map - Legend is shown when points with details are selected

    • Report - Date Variable - Preset values are not stored in backup

    • Report - Page is reloaded after adding two indicators with indicator choicer

    • Report, GEO Map - Source data not working when point attribute is used as "drill-down by"

    • Report - Filter - Date interval not correctly stored in BellaApp

    • Report - Date filter - The same interval is used for date sliders with different date attributes

    • Joined data set - missing key for rebuild error

    • Report - Indicator Conditional formatting presets - Black and red numbers - both conditions contains "equal 0"

    • Report - formula indicator editor shouldn't be closed after hitting enter
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