Release date: January 6, 2016


    • Layout - Add user roles to the body class

    • Client API - Force to use the UTF-8 encoding

    • User API - Add roles and groups to user response
    • SalesForce connector - Improve API selector layout
    • Japanese localization - Translation of missing keys

    • Report, Variables - Improve displaying of multi-select
    • Search - Don't show "All" association type for non-admin users


    • Import nodes - All stat values are 0

    • Domain settings - Missing Chinese (ZH) translations
    • Report - Additional filter - Missing default name and code
    • Report - Conditional formatting and time formula code editor are not working
    • Import settings - Having long text in code editor damages the transformation script window
    • Report - Indicator which contains crossValue doesn't display values to the user with whom referenced data set is not shared

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