Release date: January 30, 2016


    • Administration, Sharing console - Add user groups
    • Data Set - Add option to set custom order of columns in Browse Data and Source Data


    • Change Sharepoint to SharePoint
    • Enhance getting disk usage data
    • Support sending of variables via REST API
    • Report - XML backup - Store drill-down paths
    • Update Japanese translation of "Save" & "Save as"
    • Add option to disable indexing for selected data set
    • BellaDati Installater - Upgrade to install4j version 6
    • SMS - Wrong result message displayed, improve logging
    • Choicer component - Add option to select and deselect all
    • Administration - Users - user creation dialog improvements
    • Report, filters - Display attribute code in the advanced settings
    • Dashboard, e-mail export - Wrong title in confirmation window
    • Installation - Migrate AS in install4j installer from Jetty to Glassfish
    • E-mail export - improve alignment of recipients in confirmation window
    • Folders - Add option to create and read custom metadata attributes via API
    • Report - Include Relative days and Autosubmit in BellaApp/XML backup for date variables


    • Report - Fix positioning of title color pop-up window
    • Google Analytics data source - Import of larger amount of rows causes timeout error
    • Report - Chart with drill-down on both axes - Member appearance for Y Axis opens Member appearance for X Axis
    • Report, Date filter - If option Use available interval is not selected, slider is not displayed
    • Report, filter - Date variable is always displayed as radio (even if different display mode is selected)
    • Report , formula indicator - Sorting does not work with variables
    • BellaApp upload - Empty search page is displayed after first upload
    • Report update from XML - If error during report update is displayed, new empty report is created
    • Update report from XML - Error message is displayed during import of valid XML
    • Administration - Multidomain mode is identified after the first user is logged in
    • Report - Importing XML backup from data set is not working correctly
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