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Release date: February 25, 2016


  • Report formula editor
  • Formula debug mode
  • User login notifications
  • Basic extensions support
  • User settings - Allow set keybord shortcut which will be used for the hints invocation
  • Add array utils to indicator formulas and transformation scripts
  • Report, Gantt chart - Add support for date/time interval definition
  • License - Add support for maxReports and maxDashboards parameter limits
  • Client API - Add endpoint for getting the view detail with data


  • BellaDati - Update Chinese translations
  • Formula - Make date/time operations null safe
  • Report, maps - Implement server side tiles caching
  • Stack Bar Chart - Add option to show indicator value
  • Data set - Allow column ordering for joined data sets
  • Code editor - Don't close popup when ESC is pressed
  • BellaDati - Japanese localization - Update translations
  • Administration, domain - Allow edit supportValidTo filed
  • Map Provider - Replace providers which are not working
  • Stack bar chart - Display total value for each indicator/bar
  • Data browser - Add column icons to distinguish attributes and indicators
  • Horizontal Stack Bar Chart - Unify displaying total value in Stack Bar Chart
  • Indicator formulas - Add datetime constants which will return date (time) from and date (time) to
  • Report - E-mail export - Add option to display or hide row with static filter in view in e-mail body.
  • Report - Table - Drilldown settings - "Don't show for previous aggregation" should be visible only when "Display total value is enabled"


  • Data set content cannot be erased
  • Map export does not work on Windows
  • Data source executions are scheduled twice
  • Gantt chart specific configuration blocks the system
  • Report - Fix positioning of title color pop-up window
  • Don't show HTTP 500 when database is not accessible
  • Report, filter - Auto-submit doesn't work with date interval
  • Report, variables - Reset is not displayed for values choicer
  • Sharing console - Report - Public access cannot be disabled
  • Stack Bar chart - Total value is displayed with wrong formatting
  • Report, BellaApp - Filters inside view are restored as global filters
  • Report - view without name is not rendered when using variables
  • Quarter picker sets the current day instead of first day of quarter
  • Report - formatNumber function is not working correctly in KPI labels
  • Dashboard/Report with many views does not load - App is overloaded
  • Sharing console - Changing Global permissions sometimes displays an error
  • Export - Charts containing comma are exported as image without commas
  • Report - iFrame - Custom logo should be used instead of the default one
  • Data set - cannot change indicator/attribute code of lenght 23 and 24 characters
  • Domain copy - Indicator column ETL names are not copied to the newly created domain
  • Opening BellaDati in new tab causes that app is displayed in the browser default language
  • Report, filters - If option Don't show all values option is selected, field "Show all values" label shouldn't be displayed
  • Report, Line chart - When dot chart is set to none and user uses line to select more indicators, [Object object] is displayed
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