Release date: June 1, 2016


    • Report - Histogram Chart
    • Report - Box Plot Chart

    • Impala Cloudera - New connector to Hadoop

    • Add support for plain report
    • Hive2 connector
    • Custom SDK connector
    • Impala Cloudera - New connector to Hadoop
    • Report, Formula indicators - Add 1st and 3rd Quartile aggregator
    • Report, Indicators - Add aggregation type Median
    • Report, Dashboard - Add option to pass custom formulas to sms export
    • Data Set - Add page for records modification with custom validation support


    • Facebook connector - Migrate to latest Graph API to support Page Insights
    • Facebook connector - Migrate to long-lived or page access tokens
    • Report, Appearance - Display hidden controls and Hidden titles in edit mode
    • Report, Horizontal Stack Bar Chart - Apply indicator format in total value
    • Import settings - "Add new attribute/indicator to joined data set" option should be selected by default
    • REST API - Add support of Export Map, KPI and Custom content export
    • Report, Maps - Change default shape border color
    • Data Set - Improve layout of "create alert" window
    • Data sources - Highlight selected data source
    • Administration - Create domain from template - templates should be sorted alphabetically
    • Administration - Add external login enabled/disabled settings for each provider
    • Administration - Add Japanese registration email template
    • Export schedules - Add more detailed logging
    • BellaDati Installer - Decrease default size of Xmx if there is only 4GB RAM
    • BellaDati Installer - Upgrade to latest install4j 6.1.1


    • SK and CS Translation - Wrong translation in Gantt chart settings
    • SQL connector - Cannot import from local data set
    • Data set - wrong data source configuration is not displayed on import results
    • Report - Translations are not displayed in maps
    • Report - Shape Map - Intervals for colors are not generated correctly
    • Table export to Excel - If the indicator are placed on vertical header, export does not work
    • Report, Axis charts - if subset is used, total value is not displayed
    • Report - Tree Map - colors from conditional formatting are not correctly applied
    • Report, Dashboard - Export - language settings are not applied in e-mail body
    • Cluster - export schedule changes are not propagated to other servers
    • Report - Map based on GEO points in data set should be possible to create without existing Places definition
    • Report, Tables - if drill-down depth shading is used together with 2 drill-downs, values are not visible
    • Report - translation are not displayed in filter view
    • REST API - Super Admin cannot be authenticated
    • Public reports - Maps - Default tiles are displayed
    • Plain/Public Dashboard/Report - Disable links in clever title
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