Release notes BellaDati 2.7.2

    Release date: November 12, 2012


    New Features

    • Report - Add quick drop down settings for chart views
    • Candle chart
    • Intuit connector
    • Timezone support for users
    • Report, views - enable filtering for viewers
    • Charts appearance - allow to disable grid
    • Charts appearance - allow to display values directly in charts
    • Report - quick indicators/attributes selection drop down menu
    • Maps iFrame sharing


    • Improve cell highlighting in tables
    • Time interval defined by formula - add icon to recognize difference between normal and formula defined time interval
    • Report, charts - if no drill-down is selected, allow to set it from "clever" caption
    • Enable to place indicators on x-axis of multiple-indicators charts
    • Formula indicator - Improve keyword and values menu
    • Thermometer chart - display one y-axis for single indicator
    • Report, indicator - Separate option of indicator color and filled area (line, combined and radial charts)
    • Report, chart - Allow to set dotted and dashed appearance individually for each indicator (line & radial chart)
    • Report, chart - Add dash-and-dot line style (line, combined, radial charts)
    • Maps - display warning message when no appropriate geo-data has been found for specified drill-down
    • Avoid processing of zip-bombs
    • Performance improvements
    • Data set - Show progress of join materialization
    • Report - Apply number&decimal format setting for domain in indicator conditional formatting
    • Formula indicator - Add function to get drill-down member attribute name
    • Formula indicator - Add function to get full drill-down path
    • Twitter XML export/import
    • Data set, import - add information when the import was finished
    • OnPremise, Setup wizard - show server-id within the textfield
    • Redirect to search page after deleting the report
    • Candle chart and intuit connector wizard
    • Geo maps - Zoom in map with points by default
    • Candle chart - Add option to set colors
    • KPI label - Display colored indicators with rounded edges

    Bug fixes

    • Cannot escape moving of popup dialog if a non-window event is fired
    • Data set, indicator - Changing settings in one character indicator doesn't work
    • Report, export - Export file is empty when view contains invalid formula
    • Cannot set aggregation to the indicator group with empty formula indicator
    • XML backup - NPE occurs during backup
    • Report, time - Display in single column option is moved upwards
    • Report attachments - do not check upload status periodically
    • Dashboard - Drag drop does not show labels (drag here etc.)
    • Report, chart - Higher charts are cropped when inserted new
    • Tables - Hide comments bubble after scroll
    • Report, maps - Hide link to Manage places definitions if I don't have domain or data manager roles
    • Data set detail - mouse over "more" import details doesn't work
    • Report, table - missing horizontal scroll in Firefox
    • Data source, URL - changing import settings doesn't show the imported data
    • Combined charts - sorting by indicator name doesn't order members on x-axis
    • Report, copy - custom members are not copied correctly
    • Report - Save/undo diskette appears even if nothing changed
    • Table - Quick menu click on Indicators link leads to blank popup
    • Report - quick drill-down selection doesn't display used attribute
    • Report - moving popup closes it
    • No labels