Release notes BellaDati

    Release date: December 31, 2012

    New features

    • Report, layout - Allow to reset views position and size


    • Layout - Transform drag-drop copy action to "click here" style

    Bug fixes

    • Report layout - Cloning produces bad styles and unassigned view
    • Layout - Unstable vertical resize in some cases
    • Data set - Attributes menu are badly indented
    • Report, variable - Layout is not adjusted when variable menu is opened
    • Report, table - Screen is rolled to top when adding predefined drill-down path
    • GEO maps - Map is not displayed on dashboards
    • Template restore - if report, data set or alarm does not have owner, import fails
    • Filter - operation NOT_IN filters null values
    • Dashboard, insert dashlet - GEO map and KPI labels are missing an icon in insert dashlet menu
    • Report, cell - Cells cant be deleted in a certain position
    • Report, variable - Language of the variable description is wrong in CS localisation
    • Report, view moving - Wrong text
    • Report - Edit and Reset button are overlapped in CS local.
    • Report, table - Table with two drill downs is messed
    • Report, GEO map - Country shapes are displayed wrong on Firefox
    • Report, layout - Layout is messed in certain positions
    • XML backup - NPE during GEO data import
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