Release notes BellaDati

    Release date: April 11, 2013

    New features

    • Templates - redistributable template and data package support


    • Data set - added calendar and hint to delete all data in overwrite policy
    • KPI labels - added support for next and prev functions
    • Layout reset - excludes empty views in reports and dashboards
    • Data set - improved import results dialog
    • Report - renamed "display in single column" to "aggregate" in charts and tables
    • Table - default color set to silver
    • Report - renamed "displaying cell raw data" to "display raw data" in charts
    • Contact us - recipients email made configurable
    • External customized login - improved security and error handling
    • Report - improved number formats in table export to Excel
    • Table - improved scrollbars visibility calculation

    Bug fixes

    • Data set summary - import details popup fails to open and block other popups
    • Data set import - result dialog is incorrect when error occures in all rows of imported file
    • Report - displaying raw data does not work for reports based on data without date/time records
    • Data set joins - fixed calculation of occupied space and used data rows
    • Layout - views (spaces) become overlapped or separated when resizeing
    • Import - improved free space and rows count calculation for deleting all records in overwrite policy
    • Report - scatter chart doesn't support the "display members on X-axis" option
    • Data source - color of executed import is not changed from blue to green
    • Table - Using icon (flag) in members causes very long and higher rows in Firefox
    • Report - View names are not stored in new session until the report is refreshed
    • Dashboard - Member names in tables are not displayed when specific color is assigned to them
    • Chart view - Fixed custom range for logaritmic axis
    • Chart view - Logaritmic axis is displayed wrong for low values (better zero support)
    • XML backup - Sharing report to group is exported for viewing and editing together
    • Sample data - SalesForce template contains empty view
    • Core - error while loading ordered data
    • Report - Raw data table is not limited to desired time interval
    • Low BellaDati performance (SQL deadlock errors)
    • Filters - Members containing "%" or "_" are not escaped and interpreted as wildcard and removing from filter fails
    • iFrame - KPI labels doesn't work
    • Data set - Brose data table is sometimes empty
    • Report - Variables tab is sometimes empty, page refresh is required
    • Facebook sample - corrupted layout, reset doesn't work
    • XML backup - Joined data sets preview causes OutOfBound exception
    • Data source - Tooltip of scheduled import is not displayed
    • Report - Table cell and report comments are not displayed in IE9 & IE8
    • External login - custom HTML editor doesn't initialize code editors on load
    • Report, chart - Yellow color chart values are not visible
    • No labels