Release notes BellaDati

    Release date: May 14th, 2013


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    New features

    • On-Premise Installation - Generating licence from BellaDati setup guide
    • Report - Save all changes in report
    • KPI labels - Support for text values


    • Templates - improved import and export wizard
    • Templates - option to add screenshot/icon when creating template
    • Import - improved checking of data source availability
    • Data Set - displays detailed parameters of overwrite policy for executed imports
    • Browse Data Set - decreased height of the table
    • Search - used localized names in Data Set search
    • Connectors - Twitter connector improvements
    • Data Set Calendar - displayes only the nearest scheduled imports
    • User - redesigned user link and quick view in main menu
    • Template - added template button and import/export links to main menu
    • Report - displays warning popup when leaving report with unsaved changes

    Bug fixes

    • Merkato - fixed visit link
    • Script hints - removed duplicated values
    • On-Premise - fixed Start/stop scripts in Windows XP 32bit
    • Data Sources - fixed slow import in MSSQL 2008 RTM
    • Report Table - Do not merge same members option was not copied
    • Import Settings - fixed lost new column name after editing transformation script
    • Import Settings - calendar picker for from-to overwriting interval was not shown when opening the dialog
    • Import - re-scheduling of not executed periodical imports didn't work correctly
    • Report layout - resizing of last row of views was made easier
    • Database - Database init doesn't set the version to the database
      Templates - Date & number formats were not interpreted correctly when transfered to new domains w. different format settings
    • Templates - Numeric report variables missed after the tempalte import
    • Mercato - maps were not displayed
    • Data Set, import - fixed slow import of XLSX (XML)
    • Domain - limit for reports count was not checked when creating the new report from top main menu
    • Data Source - imports with custom intervals are not automatically scheduled when entered by calendar
    • User Profile - empty admin actions menu is not displayed for user himself
    • GEO Data Points - decimal separator format setting was not applied to latitude and longitude
    • Data Set Aadministration - creator information popup was displayed cropped
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