Release notes BellaDati

    Release date: June 14, 2013

    New features

    • MongoDB connector


    • BellaDati Apps - direct link to on-line Apps Library
    • Data Source - allow running import immediately after data source is created
    • Import - allow enabling import notifications when confirming import
    • Report Table - show empty header cells for indicators and attributes
    • Data Source - display all scheduled imports in the calendar (>4 hr)
    • Header - make sub menus more visible
    • User Menu - reduce user profile fields
    • Localization - French translation
    • Report Table - cell/row mouse highlighting
    • Report Formulas - when appending indicator value to the string, format it according to format settings
    • Notifications - HTML format

    Bug fixes

    • Report Table - horizontal scroll bar was not displayed on the left part when there was no scroll bar on the right field
    • Data Set - notifications of finished import were not sent
    • User Menu - buttons were misplaced when business phone displayed
    • Import Settings - values of the merged columns were shown two times
    • Scripting - string function reverse() was not working
    • Scheduled email was not sent when XLS or PPT report attached
    • Core - schema creating was not reliable in some cases
    • Export - static lists are not included in PDF/XLS/PPT export
    • Scripting - text overflow when preview was too long after applying the transformation script
    • Report - conditional formatting didn't work if values are 0 and percentage change condition is used
    • Dashboard & iFrame - drill-down didn't work correctly
    • BellaDati Apps - show error message when import/export failed
    • Data set, import - improve XLSX import performance
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