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Release notes BellaDati

Release date: July 11, 2013

New features

  • LinkedIn singup and registration
  • External data collection support
  • Report, formula - polyreg support for custom values
  • Report, formula - support for time manipulation functions like daysBetween(@From, @To)


  • MongoDB connector UI improved
  • Twitter connector improvements (better limits handling, followers loading corrected, ...)
  • SQL connector - add port parameter support for PostgreSQL
  • SQL connector - allow connecting to the local addresses
  • Report, formula - unify date pattern for all date parameters
  • Notifications dashlet improvements
  • Login page - create account more visible
  • Data Set Summary - rename "Storno" to "Cancel" in name editing box
  • Dashboard - rename "News" to "Activity stream"

Bug fixes

  • Report - formula hint is missing membersSum/membersAvg
  • Report, export - Scheduled e-mail time does not match domain time zone
  • Belladati Apps - Description is not HTML formatted during upload
  • Layout - Cannot delete last cell in report/dashboard
  • Report, chart - Quarters are displayed to the end of the year even when not chosen
  • Report, chart - Spider chart is not displayed when Show Value option is enabled
  • Report, chart - Logarithmic axis option is of no use for Heat Map
  • Report, chart - Conditional formatting is displayed wrong on Line and Bar charts with Log Y axis
  • Report, table - actualDay() table formula does not reflect domain format settings
  • Cross reference indicator displayed wrongly when the cross referenced period have no data
  • Data set, import settings - Empty column name error message is missing label
  • Data set, transformation scripts - Grouping and decimal separators are not reflected in Transformation script preview
  • Data set, administration - Join point can be deleted by user without editing rights
  • Transformation script overview - Show help is not working
  • Belladati apps - Formula used for condtional formatting is not restored after upload
  • Data set, browser - Indicator group of an indicator is not present in indicator edit menu in data browser
  • Belladati apps - Values of an indicator in group are not transffered
  • Report, table - Static table content is moved by one column in export
  • Report, chart - Not entire interval is displayed when using custom type of interval combined with years
  • Formula: dateInterval(@From, @To) {cross reference()} is not working
  • Report, export - Iframe charts are displayed wrongly on IE9
  • Report, charts - Charts are not displayed in Flash on IE9 & IE10
  • XML export - Data set with Sybase SQL source cannot be exported
  • FTP import - error is not show when downloading file fails
  • Report, filter - Clicking on second filter opens the first one
  • MembersSum returns incorrect result because of limit
  • On-Premise, Setup - Domain name "as" cannot be created
  • Users with expired domain can't display domain detail
  • Import - Database Communication Error when importing CSV - UTF-8/16LE BOM error
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